VI - Torque3D

A classic powerful engine. Now open-source.
Technical Information
Name Torque3D and Torque2D
Rendering OpenGL 2.1+, DirectX 9+
Audio Yes - OpenAL
Physics Yes - Nvidia Physx
Editor Yes
Languages TorqueScript
Target Platforms Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
About Torque
GarageGames's engine is famous for the Tribe series, a succesful and fun FPS games. A few years ago they decided to open their toolkit to the community open-sourcing it, the result is the powerful Torque3D. This engine is really powerful and the editor is one of the most complete available in the market making this engine one of the best even for high quality games. Recently they also released Torque2D which is the mobile version of their engine. Features
As I wrote this engine si really complete. It features every tools you may need: particle editor, terrain, physics, even a decal editor. It lacks a bit on the 2D support which is limited to creating simple UI: this is understandable since this engine was focused on creating FPS games, for pure 2D games there is the other powerful Torque2D.

The 2D version of the engine

Torque capabilities are great and with the right assets and a wise use of their lightning system it's possible to create astounding environment. It integrate most of the common post-processing effects and lightning systems.

Oh yeah! More tank! Moar!

On the script side Torque uses it's own TorqueScript which barely remember C++ but it's much more simpler. First of all is Object Oriented, which means freedom, a lot of freedom... and complexity.

Conclusions and Toughts
Torque is indeed a great engine however the more you use it the more you feel it's scope is an FPS game. Everything is designed around an FPS game but even if you are not forced to create a game of such kind you still feel you are going against the nature of the engine. It's important to note that the power of this engine came also from some complexity using it, it's not exactly the engine I would suggest to a newbie.
However there is one great example that prove this engine is valid for anything: the wondeful Blockland which engine is based on Torque.

I'm reclutant to use this engine but not for it's capabilities, which are great, but because I feel uneasy using it. The user-interface really don't helps you working with the editor and most of all I found complex follow the logics of some components. I think it's just about the learning curve which is a big higher then other engines because I've seen many great games made with this engine. Right now, though, I don't like to learn something to complex from scratch again.

Advantages and Disadvantages
  • One of the engine capable of triple-A rendering.
  • A lot of tools and editors that helps you in the process.
  • C++ like scripting.
  • Open-srouce.
  • Aimed for FPS, some tools are hard to master.
  • While you can use any editor the best one is a third-party paid software.

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