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Welcome to the about page. Here you can find any information about the Exception Team, the component of the team and most of all the question to the answer "42".

What is Exception Team?
The Exception Team born from a friendship of the two talented (what?) founders: Pietro di Gangi and Ruggero Riccobene.
In our careers we faced and we are going to face a lot of works, projects, and many ideas and we are going to pass through many companies. But no matter what: we will always be part of the Exception Team.
When our mind want to go free, develop an idea, work on a project and there is no company or other team behind we will always use the mark of Exception Team.

We both share the passion for videogames, our goal is to became two professional game developers/designers and we will pursue this path at any cost. One day it will be our own software house.

More people joined the Exception Team for few small project or other idea but the only two active member are the founder.
The Exception Team don't legally exist, the Exception Team is just the shape of our passions.

Why Exception Team?
Pietro is a talented artist but you have to know his dark past... we attended the first year of University in Computer Science together so he have some programming skill.
Exceptions in programming are the most common errors you can encounter and you have to handle. The name from it.

If you hear a scream in the middle of the night... it's us, fighting one more exception.

The Website
I hope you like our new website. In the past we tried a few experiments but now it's time to promote us seriously and have a common place to show our projects. The webmaster (Ruggero) created the website, and about this I wish to say one thing: I hate web development, I don't do web development, I hate web development (this is to remark I dislike web development), so I'm not going to spend more time to learn a new technology and waste my time fixing the size of the text, the color of the borders and other time-consuming-and-boring things.

Said so, the website has been create with Drupal and it is great! It's the best framework/CMS I've found so far.

This page is open for comments! Have any question? Please write to us!
Want more information of the team members? Refer to the single member page for reference.

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