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I'm still fighting for my dream: became a game developer. Meanwhile I get knocked out of the door of every company I found around the globe I decided it's the right time to try again to create a project myself.

Videogames today focus too much on killing everything, so I decided to play with "Blockland"

Killing is fun
While this title may seems a little disturbing... we have to face it: killing is damn fun.
Would Carmageddon be so fun without the horde of pedestrians to ram on? Think about any RPG... get any The Elder Scrolls: what are these games if no just reaping thousands and thousands of creatures?
Even half the game of Minecraft is about killing.

How to create a progress bar for an heavy operation using QtConcurrenRun


Slides and sources

At this address you can find my slides. You can download them freely. They are under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

Crafted with LibreOffice Impress

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If you happen to pass by my city next saturday, came to hear (or blame) me!

Linux Day 2013
The fellow friends from Opencopysat are organizing the upcoming Linux Day on my city (Enna - Sicily - Italy), I will be relator for the following talk: Gaming on Linux: Past, Present and Future.

What is this page?
I decided to share my experience on a rare and delicate operation: upgrade the components (mainly the graphic card) of my laptop.
Since laptops are not designed to be modded, nor their component to be replaced, I adventured in a complex task to achieve the result.

I hope these informations may help someone else who wish to upgrade his/her laptop. I've put all the details and informations I gathered so the posts are lengthy but I feel it's important to understand deeply what it is possible and what it is not.

The very first post of this disastrous website.


Welcome to our humble blog section.
It's small right now but we are intented to develop it and wirte about us, our interestes but mosly about our works.

Please stay tuned and check this blog once ina while and feel free to comment whatever you wish ("as long as it's black" - H.F.).


-- R.R.