ENKI is the second project of Storm in a Teacup, created briefly after NERO.
Our first attempt to test the powerful Unreal Engine and to continue the development of game as experiences, although, this time, a smaller one.

More information available at their website.

Technical Data
Name: ENKI
Credits: See NERO project page
Languages/Technologies used: Unreal Engine 4
Platform(s) Steam (Store page)
Releases: 31 July 2015
License: All rights reserved to Storm in a Teacup S.R.L.
The Game
You are trapped in a basement, a few sounds of an unknown character locks you there and you have no clue of what happened. Only one fact: you must escape!

The game is a FPS puzzle game, you have to find your way to escape and you have 30 minutes to do so. The game offers a randomization system that scramble the clues and the items needed to proceed making every run different.

ENKI was developed during the submission process of NERO so I could participate the creation of the process only half of the time and most of the work has been made by my awesome colleague Fabrizio but still I was able to code some aspects of the game: some of the puzzles of the game, few technical aspects and a bit of help to my colleague. It was a nice experience and we could put our hands on the wonderful Unreal Engine which is, so far, one of the best game engine. Videos
Since the game is released you can find a lot of materials around the internet. I don't want to spoil the fun but there are also some nice walkthrough on YouTube.

E3 Release Trailer

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