LEGO® Worlds

My first experience abroad starts with this fantastic title!
I had the pleasure to join the project starting from the Classic Space DLC and onwards. Technical Data
Name: LEGO® Worlds
Credits: Too many people! Please look at the company webpage or at the credits in game.
Languages/Technologies used: Proprietary engine, C++
Platform(s) Xbox One (store page)
Playstation 4 (store page)
Steam (store page)
Releases: 7 March 2017 on Steam
License: All rights reserved to Traveller's Tales.
Official website:
The Game
LEGO® Worlds is the first original LEGO® game featuring only LEGO® products, the dream of every builder! In LEGO® Worlds you can explore, discover content and, of course, build! The game features several tools that allow the player to unleash its creativity!
Each level is procedurally generated and filled with structures, characters, vehicles and much more! The player has the power to completely terraform the whole level, or precisely make creations with the build tools. Most of the characters can also offer quests that guide and spur the player to explore and find bricks, structures and new characters.
There are two main modes:
The Adventure mode in which the player initially has an empty inventory and gradually fills it with the discovery in the worlds.
And the Sandbox in which the player has immediate access to all the tools and items available in game. Development
I joined the team during the creation of the Classic Space DLC and immediately start helping the team, gradually working on many aspects of the game. As Game Mechanic Programmer my main role involves around game mechanics (you don't say?) but I also delve deep in complex technical problems.
In time I have been involved in several aspects of the game and had the opportunity to create some features from scratch, which is amazing! Videos
This game is very popular and has a very active comunity of builders! From time to time the company organizes contests that allows players to shine with their creations.
The Steam Build of the Week discussion page is a good example.

Here are a few videos of the Game:
Classic Space DLC (my first release!)

Console Trailer (2017)

How to Make a Movie (many features in this highlight are my direct work!)

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