NERO is the first project of Storm in a Teacup, a new born company located in Italy with the goal of shipping experiences to players.

This games has been revealded at the E3 2014 (closed doors) and Gamescon 2014, also a playable demo version has shown at the Milan Games Week 2014 and Lucca Comics and Games 2014.

More information available at their website.

Technical Data
Name: NERO
Gameplay Programmers: Fabrizio Marocchino, Ruggero Riccobene
Graphics Programmer: Fabio Suriano
Game Design: Joel Hakalax
3D Artist: Edoardo Spinozzi, DHP
Concept Artist: Federico Berlingheri
Sound effects: Andrea Guastadisegni
CEO, Story, Lightning, Game Direction: Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi
Cofounder, Marketing: Alberto Belli
Cofounder & CFO: Ivo Carè
HR and Operations Director: Sonia Tatti
Producer: Giulia Zamboni
Marketing & Production Assistant: Eleonora Lucheroni
Languages/Technologies used: Unity3D
Platform(s) Xbox One (store page)
Playstation 4 (store page)
Steam (store page)
Releases: 15 May 2015 (Xbox One)
29 April 2016 (Steam)
24 June 2016 (PS4)
License: All rights reserved to Storm in a Teacup S.R.L.
The Game
The game is a visual novel on first person, inspired from Myst, Journey and Dear Esther. The main character is a little boy who lands in a Island and experience a journey along with a hooded companion. During the journey the player shall discover more parts of the story and solve puzzles to progress the game and reveal more mysteries.

Beautiful environments and various pieces of the story accompany the player during the whole game. There are several puzzles that need to be solved to progress through the journey while most of them are optional and left to the player to unlock more pieces of the story.

The game provides also some achievements for the braver hunters.

I worked both on gameplay and also on other technical aspects: save games, achievement and system integration, input, camera, UI and much more. Every one of us was totally committed to this project and we are proud we completed it.
I also take care of technical problems and fixes during the validation process with Microsoft which was challenging, really challenging. Videos
Since the game is released you can find a lot of materials around the internet. Here some youtube videos (trailers, launch):

NERO Gamescon trailer

Nero E3 trailer

Launch trailer

Thanks to Carlo Bianchi which allowed me to public these informations.

I worked on the project for the sole Xbox One version. The PlayStation 4 and PC Steam port were made some time after I left the company.

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