Ruggero Riccobene

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A little background
I'm Ruggero, from Italy: developer and videogamer with passion and will to combine both to become an exceptional game developer.

I grew up as a self-learner due to the lack of proper materials and/or valid teachers until I attended the course of computer science in the University of Catania.
In the middle of University I got employed in a software company and from there my career begins.

I began my career as a web applications developer learning the fundamentals of software: architecture, patterns, various languages and so on. My first company gave me much and was the first sparkle. But to become a fire I decided to leave it and follow another road. Generic software is nice but limited.
After this (great) experience I left and attended the Accademia Italiana Videogiochi (Italian Videogame Academy), a small but innovative school in Italy dedicated to game development. Another important experience of my life.

Now I finally managed to become a Game Developer but is my journey over? Not at all! My goal is to find the right place, the right company and create the best videogames ever. Now I want to create a game which sells at least 10M copies. It's a challenge, I will win.

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Software Developer
In my career I always tried to learn by myself. Even in University or in the academy I always look to go further the teachings and explore by myself.
Software development is a jungle: big, intricate, full of traps. In my whole career I tried to focus on the general software architecture and in business logic, I like to work on the core of programs.

I've learned many languages and technologies: C++, C#, Java and many more but I learned to be flexible and choose the right language/technology for the right job. I have been software developer, database developer, system administrator, I created bash scripts, Windows Batch scripts, a plethora of configuration files, Oracle PL/Sql programs, website (like this one), HLSL/GLSL shaders... etcetera.
While C++ is my language of reference I never been stuck in a single language or technology, I move on and learn everything as much as possible.

Generally speaking: I solve problems. Mostly by creating newer problems. But I solve them.
This is the duty of a software developer.

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