"This Social Game has been created simple to let people use it focusing on socializing, play, share and make businness"

We recreated the main monuments of Rome and the main squares of Lubiana and Bucarest (in the future they will add more places from other cities of Euroe) in a 3D environment, a set of mini-games (planned) and social feature like the avatar customization, the house editor, the treasure hunt and the chance to win real prizes in the auction house (planned feature) sponsored by the company present in the Market Place with reprodutions of real shops in 3D.
The game is actually in public beta and even some slowness due to the big size of the project, the difficulties in finding the proper technologies and the change in some staff members, step by step the final version will be ready.

The game is a free-to-play with some form of premium user: the Free user can access the major part of the contents while the Base and VIP users have access to advanced features. Every user have a house and can edit it at will. In the future the users will have different house environments base on their premium level.

There are also some Role Play Game mechanics like an experience based on how often you customize your avatar, how many items you possess, etc. eveything makes your avatar more popular and famous.

The Vittoriano palace reconstructed in the game

Technical Data
Name: Waamy
Lead Developers: Fabrizio Marocchino (earlier prototypes), Ruggero Riccobene
Developers: Alexander Centili, Paolo Arturo Tinti, Fabrizio Chironni, Alessio Greco (outsource network engineer)
Lead Artist Roberto Pompili
3D Artist Mattia Donelli, Riccardo Spalletta, Valerio Carbone
Supporto Staff Cristina I., Claudia L.
Marketing Gianni D.A., Achille F.
Languages/Technologies used: Unity3D
Platform(s) Windows
Releases: I worked on all the beta releases until version 0.9.5
License: All Rights reserved to Interactive S.P.A.
The Game
The base is basically a 3D Chat in a virtual reconstruction of the main monuments of Rome. In the game you can deeply customize your avatar and show how cool you are with the others.

Please note: all the feature described here are planned and many has not been completed yet. Our development cycle was very troublesome and we had to postpone many feature which are in development now and some will be added in the future.
Also please consider that some of these feature were planned or just rumored, some other are just ideas. All of these feature are subjected to change as they did during the development cycle.

The original design consist of many feature for the avatar customization. The dresses for example, the hairs, the colors, make-up, additional animations (dance, laugh, etc), accessories and many more. Every item/feature a player like will be available to buy at the shop with the in-game currencies. The game is essentially free to play: you don't need to spent anything as many currencies can be acquired by playing the game. Some currencies are for premium user only which require a small fee. In the future many more items will be available at the shop.

Mini Games
Many more mini games are planned to be implemented in-game. The treasure hunt is actually available in the game: a box will spawn randomly on the map and whoever catch it for first win a prize. Prizes will consist in in-game currencies and item(s). There is also the evil box: don't let it catch you or you'll lose points!

The auction house is another planned feature. It works a little different from the normal auction house and here it is possible to win real prizes (real item, not only in-game item)

One of the biggest feature I personally developed is the Avatar customization. The avatar can morph and change the shape and the in-game editor allows you to personalize you avatar as you wish.

A video worth more than thousands words, watch it!
The beta version:

And a shoot from the latest release version:

The male and female avatar are, of course, different. Males can add the beard while females can choose in several make-up. All the customizations can be colorized even in the strangest way. Do you want an Homer Simpson-like skin? You can have it. A small Smurfs? You are welcome to try. Actually many dresses are missing (and cannot be changed) but planned for a future release.

The shop is actually on development, the design team already created a lot of itmes and it's all planned to be releases soon.

The house is the biggest work developed by Alexander.
Every player have an house, even the free accounts. Actually there is only one environment but more will be added and they will be based on which kind of user you are (free, basic and VIP). In the future additional environments will be available to buy in the shop. The free user will have a Bronx like environment while the VIP will have a larger villa in some beautiful hills and so on.

The editor is feature rich and allow you to personalize your house in many ways. The shape, the walls textures, the furniture... it's a nice feature. You can place whatever furniture you like, move it, rotate it and some of them allow grouping to create more personalized houses (like the bookshelf).
In the future you'll be able to invite friends and show them your marvelous house.

The video is actually unavaiable because a newer version of the house editor is on the way (and I've lost the video from the old version). I apologize for the incovenience.
Although it is possible use the (old) editor by downloading the game at the official website (look at Sources section).

The house, like the avatar, have it's own experience bar based on how many item you have and their level. The more experience you have the more item you'll able to buy (this is planned for the future too).

In-game Advertising
Entrance to the Businness Square

The game was also designed to promote local stores around the city of Rome by advertising them with in-game sponsor and shops. Later many shops from other cities and even other countries joined this advertising experiment. One example is the business square: a place where people can meet in the middle of some non-intrusive advertise banners (clicking on them will popup a window with more details of the shop).

A view of the Business Square

Another advertising area is the Marketplace: a big hallway full of reconstruction of real shops. This is a bigger feature then normal banners. Whoever want to recreate it's own shop inside the game can make a request and the artists will recreate the shop allocating one more post in the Marketplace. When a player approach a shop he/she can have informations about the shop. Players are incentivized to enter shops by some mini-games and the possibility to win real and in-game prizes (another planned feature although many shops are already present).

The game is available for free at this address (Italian language only, as of writing):
Waamy Website

A special thank to my previous boss and director of the development division that give me the permission to post these informations.

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