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I don't have any build nor any material of my own, so I requested some screenshot of the products I worked on.
The actual project manager (of one particular product, from Sago/Dedalus) denied my request. Not only they are not going to provide me any screenshot but it seems I can't even use the name of their product, almost intimating me of a legal action.

This decision is simply silly: what are you afraid of? Industrial espionage? Please...
Anyway they cannot prevent me to tell I was working on their projects. But I must describe the products by words, forgive me for the lack of material.

During my work at Sicilia Sistemi we worked on several prototype for the Healthcare organization of Italy, mostly Hospitals. This was my first work (as developer) and I'm very grateful to my first boss and my first project manager who gave me trust and let me try work even if I was unexperienced. For this reason I think I've put all my commitment and strength to demonstrate my value.

This company merged in a greater one and when this happen I was sent to Florence to work in partnership with another company, which merged to the head company as well.

All the companied and product, shared technologies and modus operandi: web application in Java. The goal was to convert all the products in comfortable web application. It is my personal opinion that web applications are ugly, slow and provide no real better user experience. However web application have an intrinsic ease of use that people prefer instead of custom client/server application, easier maintenance and better scalability when used for large organization (like Hospitals which have a lot of seats/user).
It is my opinion, again, that most companies simply lack a proper UI designer who could easily remove the gap from classic applications and web ones. In other words people prefer web application because they are already used to use a browser and web apps are naturally more good-looking.

Experimental Products
At the beginning my company was in partnership with another from north Italy and they had the main goal to create several programs.
The first one is a C.U.P.: a unified center for manage the reservation for Hospitals.

This first experiment was quite big: over 30 developers worked on this project. We managed to create some working build although in a earlier stage.
Since I was the youngest and the latest to arrive I had to work hard and unlike most of my colleagues I tried to experiment as much as possible. Some of them think bad of this my behavior but in the end I became a key element among my team.
I have to thank my senior colleagues that believed in me and gave me the opportunity to improve myself and test various techniques.

The project was written in pure J2EE using JSF as front-end framework, Hibernate 3 as ORM with a big Oracle database (we had like 200 tables with so many cross references the printed schemas looks like a web). We used JBoss server for the application.
The program was able to handle most of the problem of a hospital management: free spaces for patients (bed or day hospital), reservations, clinic management, client (patient) record, statistics and much more.

The two companies broke their relationship and the product gone to the other company who continued to develop it.

Additional Product
While gaining experience with the technologies we tried to use our knowledge for additional products. One of them was a program to track the goods of Regione Siciliana (a part of the Italian Government but limited to the area of the Sicily island).
The program was simple and clean but well designed. This side project take a few month of development (I joined in a latter time) but it was complete and working.

This program used the same technologies we used in the C.U.P. but much more lightweight.

First Aid
Almost at the end before the two companies end their relationship I and some of my colleagues were assigned to create a first aid program.
This program was created almost from scratch, it was design to aid the triage procedure on Hospitals.
Apart from the usual features (patient records, statistics, etc) it featured an applet to show a (graphical) decisional tree. This tree prompted some questions to the triagist and for every answer the tree grown adding the proper questions until a suggestion for the color code to use (white, green, yellow and red based on the seriousness of the conditions of the patiens). Working Products
When I was in Florence working for the SAGO (while our companies were merging to Dedalus) I developed another C.U.P which shared many behaviors to the previous products. This program was already already created and our aim was to maintain it even so in the end we expanded it a lot increasing it's functionalities, stability and features.

This program is in production on several hospitals in Italy. My duties vary to development, deploying, interoperability with various external products, database management and system administration.

As well as previous product we used J2EE and other Java technologies (JSP, JSF, Struts and many more).

We had many clients, which means different request. The program was designed to handle different ways to do and manage the data. Every hospital in Italy is a reality different from any other. An hospital handle the foreign patient in a strange way, another use a different algorithm for the medium wait time, another have more limit on how many patients they can handle at time, etc.

For complicate things most of the hospital must interoperate with the main database of their region. One of my biggest duty was to synchronize data from our internal database to the main database (with the great issue I never had direct access to the main database so I had to handle the data from some external program and guess the data needed for the main one).

I also have been part of the customer care as system administrator for 24h assistance. Most of the server used Red Hat system and I was able to learn much in Linux administrations (but I was no rookie: I use Linux for my personal computers since 10 years).

I have to thanks my colleagues of Florence because thanks to them I grown up a lot as programmer. While this particular program is not so important, it was my work them which matter.

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