The quest for Upgrade

How I successfully (?) upgraded my laptop
What is this page?
I decided to share my experience on a rare and delicate operation: upgrade the components (mainly the graphic card) of my laptop.
Since laptops are not designed to be modded, nor their component to be replaced, I adventured in a complex task to achieve the result.

I hope these informations may help someone else who wish to upgrade his/her laptop. I've put all the details and informations I gathered so the posts are lengthy but I feel it's important to understand deeply what it is possible and what it is not.

Any comment is appreciated!
Except if you are another bot...

All these informations came from various resource around the Internet but mostly from my experience. There is TOTALLY NO guarantee that these informations fits for you, so don't blame me if you broke your laptop. I spend months and a lot of money with the same chance of doing a great disaster. It's up to you to decide if these informations are worth or not.
Also these posts are huge walls of text. I talk (and write) too much, I realize it, but I think it is very important to give every detail in this delicate matter.

How these posts are structured:

  • Part 1 is a little background, some information why I decided to do this, my researches amongst all the possibilities, about the hardware and other boring things. You may skip this part if you wish
  • Part 2 is quite important: here I describe every pieces, why I got those pieces, problem and solution about each one and the technical specifications of my laptop. I strongly recomend to read this part.
  • Part 3 is the operation of modding itself. I made some pictures and I describe what I did, what you should do and how to do it. This is the most important part of these posts.
  • Part 4 I give here some thoughts, the cost of the whole operation and the resources where to find the pieces. This is important as well.
  • Appendix these are the instruction in case you need to mod the Nvidia driver. You may skip this section entirely if you own a common card or you encountered no problems during the installation of the Nvidia driver.

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