The quest for Upgrade - Part 4

Costs, resources and final thoughts
As you may read from Part 2 my initial investment plan was in need of some revisions. The power supply, as well as the heat plate, were not calculated at the beginning.
When I realized about the power supply and the heat plate I already spent most of the money for the GPU and it was my intention to do not waste those money.

I'd like to avoid advertising but in this case it's impossible: there are too few seller that can help you in this complex process. The eBay seller (read below) that sold me the GPU and CPU have a refund formula. It is not 100% of the total cost but it's an affordable formula. As far as I know it's the only shop that have a refund formula of any sort for mobile equiment.
This means after 400€ of graphic card I could risk a little bit easily.

Here the list of components and their prices:

Component Cost in Dollars¹ Cost in Euro²
Clevo Nvidia GTX 675MX 528$ 429€
Intel i7-920qm 78$ 57.6€
180W Power Supply 54.99$ 40.66€
Heat Sink for Nvidia 675MX (MSi laptops) 80$ 59.16€

¹ = the cost refer when I bought the pieces, now they are much more cheaper
² = the value conversion has been made now, I bought everything in dollar, this is just for reference.

Total: 741$ (547€) plus some shipping costs, so about 800$ (591€).

Was it worth?
Looking at that price most of the people will tell me I'm crazy. And they are right.
However there are some consideration to do. My laptop cost me, 2 years and an half ago: about 1,100€.
I spent, after two years, 591€.
What option I have?
  1. Leave everything as is
  2. Buy a new laptop
  3. Upgrade the components

Damn the first! I'm a gamer. And I'm a gypsy: I need mobility.
The second option is resonable but if we get, for reference, the GT70 0NC on Amazon it cost (as of writing) 1,800$ or 1,331€.

So after 5 years¹ I would spent about 2,431€
Instead I've spent 1,691€.
By buying a new computer I could get a better processor but we are talking of a difference of 740€!
Also the value of my actual notebook greatly increased.

So yes: it was worth.

¹ = I foresee to stop spending money for this laptop for the next 2 years (I've spent even too much) . Or at least I'll try. I stil want an SSD....
Note: all these equipment are now much cheaper, but this happens to the whole electronic industry. It's no sense compare the prices of now and before. I could wait for Nvidia series 7xx of course but at that time I was working and earning money, as of writing I was unemployed for several months.
Choosing the right time is vital for your wallet: the best moment is when the latest generations of models just enter the market, when this happen focus on buying the previous one.

As I wrote I would like avoid advertising because these posts should be informative but I think it's impossible.
If all the company act for the advantage of the consumer I could avoid naming brands and shops but since companies treat us like milk cows I must warn people: avoid the bastards companies (again: Acer, HP and sub-company like Packard Bell).

I talk of my experience with my MSi but I'll repeat: this is possible with Alienware and Eurocom laptops as well as rebrands (Xotic, Sager et simila).

What I blame of these company is they effectively make these laptops to be modded but in no way they sell you the pieces. All the pieces are ravaged by other computers: sometimes broken computer (form which you ravage the working components) or returned ones.

Around internet you can find a lot of shops that sell you every kind of piece you need but 90% of the time those are scam. The best resouce for this needs is eBay.

Specifically I'm a satisfied customer of Upgrade Monkey. They provided me any assistance for the problems I questioned, gave me some advices and they have a return policy (which most of the shops lacks).
I also suggest the MXM Upgrade website that sell some cards and give some informations about the MXM slots.

CPUs are easier to find but still I suggest eBay.

The heat plate was a jackpot: I found only one user who sold this pieces and he had just one feedback in it's eBay account.... positive but still just one. I feared a scam. Luckily it was not.
Thank you fellow user!

For hard disks and the power supply it's another story: you can find a lot of online shops that sell them: they are quite common. I suggest, again, to buy original pieces except if you live in Italy like me (many shops don't ship products here).


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