The right engine for Indie developers

Today we have many possibilities but which one is the best for us?
I'm still fighting for my dream: became a game developer. Meanwhile I get knocked out of the door of every company I found around the globe I decided it's the right time to try again to create a project myself.

Not an easy task, not at all, however during the last years we faced the proliferation of proper tools available to anyone, especially Indie Developers. I'm talking about the various Game Engine. I'm writing this article to share my thoughts and experience with every engine I tried during these years. With some I have great experience (well, let's say above normal), for example with Unity, with some I have medium experience (like Shiva or Ogre) and with other I just begun to learn (Leadwerks, Godot, HeroEngine, etc).

There is something important to say, this article is born for a purpose: I want to avoid Unity. I write my reasons on the first page of this article.

This article is a summary of my personal experience and considerations, it's not a proper comparison between engines nor an exaustive guide. There are plenty of other engines out there.
Also I'm looking for an engine which builds or compile for PC, not mobile. My platform of reference is PC however I could decide to port my project on mobile in the future and so, having an export for mobile is a plus.

I'll review the following engines:

  • I - Unity3D one of the most famous engine in the actual scene. It's good and bad at the same time but damn powerful.
  • II - Shiva3D one of the best engine I've found so far. A bit limited on customization but even more powerful then Unity3D on features. However some problem with the company left this engine a bit behind.
  • III - Leadwerks recently ported to Linux this engine seems promising and features some unique peculiarity.
  • IV - Ogre3D the never-ending Ogre3D. Old but still reliable. And open source.
  • V - Godot this very promising engine is still in beta but it's already fully functional and with a gentle MIT license.
  • VI - Torque another historical and powerful engine, and now open source.
  • VII - Triple-A Engines UDK, CryEngine, HeroEngine, etc.
  • VIII - Other Engines so many other choices...
  • IX - Final thoughts why one and not another? What's the best aspect to consider over another?

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