IV - Ogre3D

Probably the best open-source Rendering engine.
Technical Information
Name Ogre3D
Website http://www.ogre3d.org
Rendering OpenGL 2.1, OpenGL 3*, DirectX 9
Audio No
Physics No
Editor No
Languages C++
Target Platforms Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

* = There is a OpenGL 3 backend in branch 1.9, result of Google Summer Code 2013.

About Ogre3D
Ogre3D is one of the best open-source rendering engine of the history. Probably the best. But the newcomer should give a lot of care of the fact that Ogre3D is just a Rendering Engine, not a Game Engine.
This engine provide a little support for Input through OIS but nothing more then rendering, everything else must provided by the user. It's still a great engine: the code is clean (purely Object-Oriented), easy to use and powerful.

The main idea behind of this engine is that you don't develop for a target rendering system but instead you develop for Ogre using it's systems, then Ogre will take care of render your scene using different rendering subsistems. The most common and used are the OpenGL and DirectX ones but everyone can wrote it's own rendering subsystem.
It's sounds familiar, isn't it? It's exactly what the other game engines are doing right now (Unity, Shiva, etc) but Ogre began with this system like 10 years ago.

Audio, Physics and the rest.
Since Ogre3D don't provide support an eventual user should take care of the rest. Ogre is not bind to anything so you can choose whatever you wish. OpenAL or FMod are common choices for the Audio system, there are Nvidia Physx or Bullet or many more for physics and I'd like to name Ogitor which is a great editor for Ogre scenes and scene editing.
I'd also to point out that there is not an integrated 2D system but one of the best choice for UI is the greate CEGUI project.

More Ogre is for the win

it's worth to mention that the tools are somewhat limited but the engine it's coded with C++! You can add everything!
Ogre3D it's probably the best engine if you look for freedom or you feel pro enough to code a game in C++. I did a project (XMoonPie) as didactic project and I can definitely say it's worth expecially for learning.

Advantages and Disadvantages
  • It's powerful and runs everywhere. (Well, everywhere is worth. Since it's open-source you can attempt to port it somewhere else).
  • It's free (even commercially) and open-source.
  • Clean, Object-Oriented and with a long history
  • It takes care only of rendering (because, of course, it's "just" a rendering engine). You have to provide the rest.
  • The tools are tricky to use and limited in usage.
I will conclude provide a link of a game made with this engine to demonstrate the quality of this engine. Here. (Yes, both 1 and 2 are made with Ogre3D).

I really would like to use this engine: I have experience with it (XMoonPie) and I really like it. However while I really look to return coding in C++ (a wonderful language) that is not my goal. My objective is game development, not technical, though interesting, aspects of programming. And this era is fueled by scripts, not the hardcoded-gameplay-and-code-everything-alone one, that's the past (unfortunately). Ogre3D is for serious projects that require particular techniques not available (or easy to code) on other engines. For example look for this awesome upcoming game made with Ogre3D: Planets³.


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