VIII - Other Engines

The truth is out there. Maybe not, but at least there are other options.
So many choices...
...I could write forever. But if you read so far you probably want to close the window and stop reading because you are bored.
There are many other great engines out there that may suits your needs, I did not write because I have no experience with them and most of all if you are bored I'm tired to write.

Seriously, there are a lot more engines that deserve attentions. Some are open-source like IrrLicht or Sauerbraten, some are aimed for mobile development, some are simply unknown.
Every now and then a new engine appear aiming to get a share of the market but game engines are naturally quite big projects and it's not easy for the developers to create a good product from scratch.
I write a small list of some other Engines I like but I had no time to work extensively with them:

Name IrrLicht
Rendering OpenGL 1.2-3.x, DirectX 8-9
Audio Yes - With the IrrKlang Project
Physics Simple collision detection
Editor Yes - With irrEdit
Languages C++
Target Platforms Linux, Windows, Mac

IrrLicht is another great open-source engine with a phylosophy similar to Ogre3D, it has been used very much in the past but recently it's fame faded a bit. There are many project using this engine but, to be honest, nothing really famous.
I'm not sure if this engine is well developed like Ogre3D but I'm sure it's still good and, opposite to that engine, there are several tools to complete the engine and make it a Game Engine rather then a simple Rendering Engine.

A sample project made with IrrLicht

Sauerbraten/Cube 2
Name Sauerbraten / Cube 2
Rendering OpenGL ?, DirectX ?
Audio Yes
Physics Yes - Simple
Editor Yes - The game itself is an editor
Languages C++
Target Platforms Linux, Windows, Mac

Sauerbraten is not exactly a game engine, it's a game itself with a fantastic in-game editor. Sauerbraten born both as a game and an editor featuring an octree world. Whenever you are playing you can press "E" and immediately switch to the editor changing everything. Playing with sauerbraten and using the editor is very funny and intuitive.
There are a few projects build on top of Sauerbraten like the RPG Eisenstern but most of them are dead. A pity: this game/engine shows potential.

A few screen from the Sauerbraten game


Name Marmelade SDK
Rendering OpenGL ES 1-2
Audio Yes
Physics Yes
Editor No
Languages C++, ObjectiveC, LUA, HTML5
Target Platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

I found Marmelade almost randomly but this engine is really worth attention. It doesn't feature an editor like Unity3D but the most coll feature is that it lets you code with whatever language you prefer and then export for every device.
There are plenty of projects using this SDK and to name a few very famous: Project GODUS and Plants vs Zombies. Should I say more? No need.


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