Ruggero Riccobene Projects Page

I always got the passion for programming. Since I was a child I started creating some simple programs in BASIC with my old Commodore 64. It was my first computer and it's still working.
When I began using that computer my destiny was marked: I wanted to be a game developer. But this road is long... very long. Full of obstacles and forks.

Nowdays things changed but until a few years back, general technology was slow to reach Italy: in my city even slower. The Commodore 64 was a news in the middle '90 when the Commodore was out of business in the rest of the world.
Until my first year of University I tried to learn programming but Internet was rare and slow (even now it still sucks) and finding a teacher was even rarer. In my whole career as developer I always been a self-learner.

This road led me to learn a lot of subjects: from Java to C++, from Shaders to physics engines, from software architecture to database and so on.
The more I reach the edge of a limit the more this limit is pushed forward. It's an endless road to the knowledge.

This page summarizes my projects in descending chronological order. Some of them are my own project, some are my past jobs, but in every program I made there is a little of me and a lot of passion.

    The dream of every Brick BuilderLEGO Worlds page
    The latest release of MotoGPMotoGP17 page
    The dream of every rider is a garage full of bikes...Ride 2 page
    Everything of the MotoGP and more...Valentino Rossi page
    Jump!MXGP 2 page
    A rally experience based on the life of a champion.Sèbastien Loeb Rally Evo page
    ENKI - May 2015 ~ July 2015
    You are trapped in a room, no clue, one fact: you must escape.ENKI page
    NERO - July 2014 ~ May 2015
    A mysterious journey of a brave child.NERO page
    Waamy - April 2012 ~ February 2013
    A free-to-play 3D Online Chat.Waamy page
    An Action Role Play Game of Grim and Misery.Evil Heroes page
    XMoonPie - September 2010 ~ September 2011
    A game of tragedy: the struggle between the Sphere versus the Cubes.XMoonPie page
    Various web application I developed on behalf of my previous company for Healthcare organizations (mainly Italians Hospitals) Healthcare Software page
    A semi-automatic D&D 3.5E character sheet, used in my first years as Dungeon MasterD&D Scroll page
    A simple card database program for Magic: The Gathering used in my deck builder career.The Grimoire page

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