Valentino Rossi: The Game

With great pleasure Milestone announces one of their biggest IP. This year's version of MotoGP is based on the life of the nine times champion Valentino Rossi. Technical Data
Name: Valentino Rossi: The Game
Credits: Too many people! Please look at the company webpage or at the credits in game.
Languages/Technologies used: Proprietary engine, FMOD, Emotion FX, Yebis
Platform(s) Xbox One (store page)
Playstation 4 (store page)
Steam (store page)
Releases: 16 June 2016 on all platforms
License: All rights reserved to Milestone S.R.L.
Official website:
The Game
The game is focused on Valentino personal career, the player is led to a journey as a new-born member of the VR46 Riders Academy. Not only the player will follow Valentino history but also all the competitions and sports he practised so far. The MotoGP is expanded with the Moto 2, Moto 3 and the 2015 season but there are also the new Rally modes, the Flat Track and Motorranch races and much more.

A vast and solid experience. A must have for every fan of Valentino and the MotoGP.

I and my team worked pretty much on all gameplay aspects of the game, as for the previous game, like game modes and cameras but also I helped the online team and the sound guys.

All in service of the game.

As with the other games there is a lot of materials around the Internet. I list here a few launch trailers:

Gameplay Trailer

Misano Trailer

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