Milestone pursuits its original IP of Ride with this new sequel. Technical Data
Name: RIDE 2
Credits: Too many people! Please look at the company webpage or at the credits in game.
Languages/Technologies used: Proprietary engine, FMOD, Emotion FX, Yebis
Platform(s) Xbox One (store page)
Playstation 4 (store page)
Steam (store page)
Releases: 7 October 2016 on all platforms
License: All rights reserved to Milestone S.R.L.
Official website: http://ridevideogame.com/
The Game
Every rider has a dream, and most of the time it's a garage full of bikes. In Ride 2 this dream is achieved with a lengthy content of 200 bike models, 30 tracks, over 1200 customizable parts and much more. Development
I begun the development on the early stages continuing my work as before on gameplay aspects of the game like game modes and more. Videos
As with the other games there is a lot of materials around the Internet. I list here a few launch trailers:

Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

Wet Tracks Trailer

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