My last journey in Milestone ends with the latest release of MotoGP. Technical Data
Name: MotoGP17
Credits: Too many people! Please look at the company webpage or at the credits in game.
Languages/Technologies used: Proprietary engine, FMOD, Emotion FX, Yebis
Platform(s) Xbox One (store page)
Playstation 4 (store page)
Steam (store page)
Releases: 15 June 2017 on all platforms
License: All rights reserved to Milestone S.R.L.
Official website:
The Game
This newest edition of MotoGP includes and enhance the MotoGP experience as well as the other classes like the Moto2 and Moto3 but it's not limited to this and it includes also other riders from 4 Stroke, 2 Stroke 500cc, 2 Stroke 250cc and 2 Stroke 125cc classes.
On top of this the game features, along of the Rider Career, a new mode in which the player can manage and ride with an entire team: the Managerial Career.

For the first time Milestone enters, with this game, into the world of the eSports. A tournament has been organized during the actual MotoGP season.

I joined the team a bit late due to another project overlapping but I help them as for previous games on all gameplay aspects of the game, notably game modes, achievements and some optimisations and a lot of technical details. Videos
As with the other games there is a lot of materials around the Internet. Here are a few:

Gameplay Trailer

eSport Channel
At this link you can watch the entire eSport tournament!

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